Solid Tungsten Carbide Ring

Solid Tungsten Carbide Ring


Your custom, made-to-order Tungsten Carbide ring will take about 3 weeks to ship. 

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Not all Tungsten Carbide rings are the same!  Tungsten and Carbon are elements that would naturally be a powder.  They are combined at very high temperatures with binders to make an incredibly dense, nearly indestructible metal.  The choice and quality of these extra elements are what sets this  top quality ring apart from its mass-produced-in-China counterparts.  While it is possible to shatter a Firefly Tungsten Ring, it is not easy.  And like all my rings, it comes with a lifetime warranty. 

Because Tungsten Carbide exhibits unparalleled scratch resistance, it is the most durable possible choice for a ring. Unless you routinely encounter industrial diamond abrasives, your ring will never scratch.  It is 10x harder than gold and 5x harder than steel. It will also not bend or deform in any way.  

 The finish is permanent and will never corrode.  The color is a rugged, dark gray.  

Comfort fit.

This ring is available in polished or satin finish.

This ring is available in 6mm or 8mm ONLY.

This ring is available in domed, flat, or beveled profile.

Hardness Guide: