I have a custom project, and I want to show you pictures and consult.

Sure! A goodly percent of the rings I make are totally custom, one of a kind projects.  Email wedgewoodrings@gmail.com


Do you sell plain metal bands?

Yes, the section you are looking for is Modern Metals. 


Why wooden rings?

*Plain metal is boring.

*Nickel allergies are quite common, and wooden rings are a great alternative. The Titanium, Cobalt, Cermiac, and Zirconium I use is also nickel-free and hypoallergenic.  

*They are beautiful, and no two are the same.

*They make great wooden gifts – especially for first wedding anniversaries (for which the traditional gift is paper [close enough]) and 5th wedding anniversaries (for which the traditional gift is WOOD)


What Metal is best for my wooden ring? 

You can find the answer to every possible question here in this blog post.


How durable are your wooden rings?

The most important factor that determines the durability of these rings is the owner. Each ring is given multiple coats of a hybrid epoxy finish, which is completely water-proof and soap proof. As for the normal wear-and-tear from daily use, the perfect gloss on wood exterior rings will eventually become scratched (just as with metal rings), but buffing wax occasionally applied will protect the ring and its shine for years.

The metal lined wood rings are unquestionably significantly stronger than rings made of wood alone. On the Moh’s Hardness Scale, Gold and Silver are around 3, Platinum 4.5, and Titanium is 6.  The steel is 7-7.5.  The Cobalt as well as the oxide layer that gives Zirconium its black color is 8.  Any circumstances under which your ring is scratched, any precious metal would have been scratched all that more severely.  It is certainly not going to snap.

Please use common sense when wearing a ring with a wooden component.  WedgeWood rings are the strongest and most durable wood rings you can buy, but it is still a thin piece of wood you are wearing on your finger.  If you are going to go climbing, do not wear your ring; if you are going to do some landscaping and are moving some rough stones, pocket the ring.

Blog post regarding durability: On the Durability of a Wooden Ring


“Hybrid Epoxy Finish”

Part shameless marketing term, part description of a secret, painstakingly  brewed combination of epoxy and other finishes, this phrase describes the primary protection for the wood in your ring.  Think boat finish, thats pretty close to the meat of it.  The actual details I wouldn't tell my own mother (sorry mom!).  These epoxies are not the type available in your local hardware store.  They require very special conditions to cure.


What size am I?

I offer ring sizes from 4 to 16 including quarter sizes. I highly recommend going to a jewelry counter to determine your size, even if you already know your size. "Do it yourself" ring sizing methods (string, etc.) should absolutely not be trusted. Be sure to be measured using the width you plan to order. Keep a couple things in mind: your fingers are slightly swollen in the morning (don’t ask me why), your fingers are larger during warm weather, your fingers are larger after a meal (especially salty meals). This means that if you have your finger measured on a chilly evening before dinner, the result will be on the low end of your actual size.

************************************ IMPORTANT INFO ****************************************


Metal interior wood rings cannot be resized at all! Metal exterior rings can be adjusted slightly up or down.  Every ring is made to the exact size provided. An error in sizing that exceeds the margin provided above will necessitate a completely new ring. Refunds and exchanges will not be possible.


How do I care for my ring?

Water is no problem, sweat is no problem. Soap, occasional Purell, no problem!  If you work in a medical field, or any other profession that necessitates that your hands come in regular contact with strong solvents, I do NOT recommend you wear your ring while engaging in these activities.  No wood finish can withstand constant contact with solvents!  

Your ring maintains its protection against water and soap only as long as the finish remains!  If you damage the finish, you must contact me for refinishing, or your ring may be permanently damaged.

In terms of maintaining the beauty of the finish, you can apply wax to the wood portions with a cloth. I personally use a suspension of hard and soft waxes in mineral oil (commercially available as butcher block conditioner) because the oil carries the waxes into any scratches that may be present and makes them invisible. It is also the first line of defense against anything harmful to the finish (including the friction with your finger). If you wanted to be extremely conscientious, you could apply it very often, like every few days or so. This sounds insane (and it is not really necessary), but it is literally the work of 10 seconds.


Will my Wooden ring look just like the picture?

Each ring is made to order and unique. The appearance will therefore vary according to the individual characteristics of the piece of wood. However, you can be assured that each ring is made to exacting standards of beauty and durability.


Can I customize my wooden ring?

The most common customization requests are width and profile modifications, which are usually no problem.  Every listing is different; and the description will contain details about possible constraints.

You can simply put your requests in the form that will appear when you add an item to your cart.



I do not offer engraving for my rings. For the wood exterior rings-  you can get it engraved, however I do not recommend it. A jeweler can engrave titanium, but I do not know what clamping methods they might use. Because the vast majority of jewelers will be unfamiliar with wood and wood finish, they might damage it. Such damage would absolutely not be covered by warranty.


Where do you get your wood?

Exotic wood dealers, personal connections with sawyers, artists, and woodworkers, and Ebay. In some cases, I use found wood. I’ve even been known to raid roadside piles of cutoffs.


Can you do custom orders using [insert wood/ wood combination here]?

I certainly can if I have the wood. If I don’t have the wood, I may be able to get it. Usually custom projects involve the customer sourcing their own wood. Send me an email with what you have in mind.

You can always send your own! Some examples of previous orders: ring made from the wood of an old house, ring made with sand from the honeymooners’ beach, ring made from a tree on the family farm, ring made with a Louisville Slugger bat, and many more.