About WedgeWood Rings

Wood is a living material. One might point out that while the tree may be living, the lumber I work and the wood rings I make can hardly be called alive. That is not how I perceive wood. To my eye, every second of a tree's life is crystalized in the grain and figure of wood. Its features go beyond a mere photograph of its existence. You can literally, at a glance, see its progress from sapling to towering hulk-- not a moment, but a lifetime. Each wooden ring I make is an attempt to capture this chronicle. My "canvas" is the mere 5mm-8mm width of a ring, but through careful choice of stock from among the most extraordinary woods in the world, I am able to create a unique, truly irreplaceable piece. 

All WedgeWood Rings are handcrafted, sanded, and polished using wood that is carefully selected specifically for making rings. Each wooden ring is sized, made-to-order and unique. WedgeWood Rings are made of recycled woods or purchased from eco-conscious sellers. All rings are given multiple coats of a clear, durable epoxy resin finish equivalent to that on a car or boat to ensure the ring remains structurally sound and beautiful with minimal care on the part of the wearer.

WedgeWood Rings get its name from the location of the original humble workshop: the basement of a house located in the South Wedge neighborhood of Rochester, NY. This business remains a small, one-man operation now operating out of "Firefly," WI in a slightly less humble but still decidedly rustic workshop.

Please direct questions and comments to me at:

wedgewoodrings @ gmail 

    The extraordinary and the orthodox circle   and give   birth to each other,   as a circle has no beginning.    Who is able to exhaust it?               -Sunzi, Art of War


The extraordinary and the orthodox circle and give birth to each other, as a circle has no beginning.

Who is able to exhaust it? 

          -Sunzi, Art of War