Solid Black Ceramic Ring

Solid Black Ceramic Ring


Your custom, made-to-order Black Ceramic ring will take about 3 weeks to ship. 

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Second only to Tungsten Carbide, Black Ceramic is the most scratch resistant material used to make rings.  It is jet black all the way through-- its color is not a coating.  It is permanent and will not corrode.  This is not the "ceramic" of a commemorative plate.  It is a seriously advanced material principally used in the aerospace industry.  Though lighter than tungsten, it still has excellent heft. It gives every impression of being a metal, including a satisfying clink when tapped.   An excellent choice and my recommendation for a non-conventional, maintenance-free wedding band.

Comfort fit.

This ring is available in polished or satin finish.

This ring is available in 6mm or 8mm ONLY.

This ring is available in domed, flat, or beveled profile.

Hardness Guide: