Solid Cobalt Ring

Solid Cobalt Ring


Your custom, made-to-order Cobalt ring will take about 3 weeks to ship. 

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Cobalt rings are constructed of an alloy that mimics the appearance of white gold or platinum, but with many times the durability.  It is 4x harder than platinum and 5x harder than gold.

This metal will not corrode, crack or shatter, yet it is highly scratch resistant and can be polished by a jeweler.

This versatile metal is used in medicine and dentistry for its hypoallergenic properties as well as in the aerospace industry for its durability.

Comfort fit.

This ring is available in polished, satin, or sandblasted finish.

This ring is available in any width 4mm-10mm.

This ring is available in domed, flat, or beveled profile.

Hardness Guide: