Black Zirconium and Buckeye Burl Wood Ring

Black Zirconium and Buckeye Burl Wood Ring


The swirling patterns of Buckeye Burl appear as a storm brewing overhead, all while sitting inside the darkness of Black Zirconium.

Current ship date for this Black Zirconium and Buckeye Burl Wood Ring is 5-6 weeks.

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This wooden ring is made from a beautiful, highly figured piece of buckeye burl. There are several types of buckeye tree in the US, and dozens of related trees in just about every continent in the world. This piece is from California. Buckeye burl is prized for its beautiful and complex swirling patterns, colors (blue, purple, green, white, cream, black...), and eyes. My current stock predominantly blue, but can have cream and orange burl figure. It is a difficult wood to work with, and requires much stabilization before it will cooperate. The result, however, is like wearing a storm on your finger. 

The metal in this listing is Black Zirconium-- Zirconium that is heat treated until it attains a very hard, durable black coating. The naturally silver colored metal is placed in a kiln at very high temperatures until the extreme heat causes oxidization. Just for full disclosure - the metal ring really is a very dark grey.The ring pictured is a satin finish, but a polished finish is also available. The ring is also a flat profile (vs. a domed profile), which can also be changed. Just add the details you like in the "message to seller" section at checkout. Unfortunately, engraving is NOT possible with this ring.


I highly recommend going to a jewelry counter to determine your size, even if you already know your size. "Do it yourself" ring sizing methods (string, etc.) should absolutely not be trusted. Be sure to be measured using the width you plan to order.

The minimum width for this style is 5mm. The maximum is 8mm.

Recommended width is calculated in this way: Size 5 is 5mm wide. Width increases .5mm per size above that. So:

Size 5- 5mm
Size 6- 5.5mm
Size 7- 6mm
Size 8- 6.5mm
Size 9- 7mm
Size 10- 7.5mm
Size 11+ - 8mm

************************************ IMPORTANT INFO ****************************************


Zirconium lined wood rings can be adjusted up or down about 1/4 size (by removing or adding finish to the interior). Every ring is made to the exact size provided. An error in sizing that exceeds the margin provided above will necessitate a completely new ring. REFUNDS AND EXCHANGES WILL NOT BE POSSIBLE. BE 100% SURE OF YOUR ACCURATE AND CORRECT SIZE BEFORE ORDERING.

Each ring is given multiple coats of a hybrid epoxy finish, which is completely water-proof and soap proof. This protective coating is sanded up to 12,000 grit for an unbelievable, glass-like finish.


All rings will ship via USPS Priority. Learn more about my shipping policy and international shipping.