Black Ceramic Ring with Fordite

Black Ceramic Ring with Fordite


The intricate patterns and colors of fordite sit in stark contrast to the jet black of the ceramic ring.

Current ship date for this Black Ceramic Ring with Fordite is 5-6 weeks.

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Fordite, also known as Detroit Agate, is layers of automotive paint that has slowly built up over decades during the painting process of vehicles (which are not necessarily Ford vehicles). This example pictured is in fact Chevy - from the Corvette factory in Bowling Green. Some examples of Fordite date back decades. Im not sure of the exact era of this material.

Second only to Tungsten Carbide, Black Ceramic is the most scratch resistant material used to make rings. It is jet black all the way through-- its color is not a coating. It is permanent and will not corrode. This is not the "ceramic" of a commemorative plate. It is a seriously advanced material principally used in the aerospace industry. Though lighter than tungsten, it still has excellent heft. It gives every impression of being a metal, including a satisfying clink when tapped. 


I highly recommend going to a jewelry counter to determine your size, even if you already know your size. "Do it yourself" ring sizing methods (string, etc.) should absolutely not be trusted. Be sure to be measured using the width you plan to order. 


This design is available in 8mm and 6mm width only.

************************************ IMPORTANT INFO ****************************************


Black Ceramic wood rings cannot be resized at all! Every ring is made to the exact size provided. An error in sizing will necessitate a completely new ring. Refunds and exchanges will not be possible.

Please click on the "Policies" link (under Shop Info) to see wood ring care instructions and FAQ.

Each ring is given multiple coats of a hybrid epoxy finish, which is completely water-proof and soap proof. This protective coating is sanded up to 12,000 grit for an unbelievable, glass-like finish.


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