How to Order a wood Ring

So you’ve finally picked out the metal that’s right for you, and you’ve picked out the perfect wood for your unique wedding ring. You’re ready to place your order! Here, I’ve listed out the steps to take to purchase your one of a kind wooden rings:

Step 1: Getting to the shop.

Follow the link to my shop page. This gives a list of styles of and prices. Don’t see the exact combination you’re looking for? That’s okay! Select the style of the unique wedding ring you are looking for, such as the cobalt wooden ring.



Click the “add to cart” button.


Step 2: Order Form.

You will be presented with the order form like the one shown. It’ll be slightly different for wooden exterior rings as there are fewer options, but it is the same basic principle.


Step 3: Size

The first part you will have to fill out is the size of your unique wedding ring. I offer rings sizes from 4-15 in quarter size increments, meaning that I can make, for example, a size 7.25. Something of importance to note here is that all of my wooden rings are comfort fit, not standard fit! This does have an impact on your ring size so be absolutely sure that you were sized in a comfort fit band by the jeweler.

Comfort fit rings are the most common band type and have a slightly domed interior to provide a more comfortable fit. It is preferred amongst those with large knuckles as the domed interior makes it easier for them to slip the unique wedding ring on. To determine the size of the comfort fit band, the exact middle of the ring is used.

Standard fit rings have a flat interior. To determine the size of the standard fit band, the edge of the ring is used. For this reason, the standard fit ring size is typically about ½ size larger than the comfort fit size. I have found that this style is not ideal for a handmade wooden ring and do not offer this style to my customers.  



Note on size: When you get sized, keep a couple things in mind-- your fingers are slightly swollen in the morning (don’t ask me why), your fingers are larger during warm weather, your fingers are larger after a meal (especially salty meals). This means that if you have your finger measured on a chilly evening before dinner, the result will be on the low end of your actual size.   

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE BE 100% SURE OF YOUR SIZE BEFORE ORDERING! Wood interior rings can be adjusted up or down about ¼ size (by removing or adding finish to the interior), and wood exterior rings CANNOT BE RESIZED AT ALL! Every ring is made to the exact size provided. An error in sizing that exceeds the margin provided above will necessitate a completely new ring. REFUNDS AND EXCHANGES WILL NOT BE POSSIBLE. BE 100% SURE OF YOUR ACCURATE AND CORRECT SIZE BEFORE ORDERING.


Step 4: Width

I get a lot of questions regarding width, and which would be best for the customer’s unique wedding ring. In every listing, I have a recommended width chart:

Recommended width is calculated in this way: Size 5 is 5mm wide. Width increases .5mm per size above that. So:

Size 5- 5mm

Size 6- 5.5mm

Size 7- 6mm

Size 8- 6.5mm

Size 9- 7mm

Size 10- 7.5mm

Size 11+ - 8mm


There are some wooden rings that are exceptions to this rule, such as the black ceramic and tungsten styles, which are only available in 6mm and 8mm, and others, such as the cobalt mokume-gane, which only come in a 6mm width. The Hand-wrought Twisted damascus steel is another exception- the default width for this unique wedding ring is 6mm. I do offer 7mm and 8mm for this style, however there is a $40 upcharge per 1mm. These are separate listings you will have to add to your cart before checking out. For 7mm, click here. For 8mm, click here.

If you are a larger size, for example a size 11.5, but you prefer a smaller width for your unique wedding ring, you are more than welcome to select any width between 5mm-8mm. Please keep in mind that a smaller width will have a slight impact on your ring size, so it is important to get sized in the width you plan on ordering and ideally, try on a ring of the appropriate size and width before ordering. Again, wooden rings cannot be resized, and returns and exchanges will not be possible.


Step 5: Profile

I offer three different types of profiles for my unique wedding rings-- flat, domed, and beveled. Here is an example of the different profiles:

Beveled. Black zirconium with special grade Cocobolo Rosewood


This is a cosmetic customization for your wooden ring that will not impact size or fit. This purely depends on which is more comfortable for the wearer of the unique wedding ring. There are a few exceptions for this customizations: any wooden exterior rings will have a flat profile, and the damascus steel rings are only available in the profile shown. The best way to figure out which profile is best for you is to try a few on at a store when you get sized.


Step 6: Finish

This is another cosmetic customization for your unique wedding band ring that will not impact size or fit. This is also limited to the wooden interior rings, with the exception of damascus steel. For cobalt I offer three finishes-- satin, polished, and hammered:

Polished finish, domed profile cobalt ring lined with Bethlehem Olivewood


Hammered finish, flat profile, cobalt ring lined with bourbon barrel stave


For black zirconium I offer two finishes, satin and polished:

Polished finish, flat profile black zirconium ring lined with exhibition curly Koa


And finally, for titanium I offer three finishes-- polished, satin, and stone:




Step 7: Wood Choice

The final customization for your unique wedding band is the wood choice. My selection of woods is far too vast to list, but to get an idea of what I have in stock, browse around my website and Instagram.

If you’re looking for a specific kind of bourbon barrel for your wooden ring, I have a list of what I currently have in stock here.

If you have a piece of wood that holds meaning to you, I would be happy to work with it! I have done many projects where the customer sent a piece of wood and the results have been amazing! Check out some of these examples:


Satin finish, domed profile cobalt wood ring with Gibson headstock.


Satin finish, flat profile black zirconium wood ring with skateboard deck


Screen Shot 2016-06-19 at 10.11.46 PM.png

Cobalt wood ring with wine barrel stave


Step 8: Check-out

You’ve gone through all of the customizations for your new wooden ring, and now it’s time to proceed to check-out. You will be brought to a page where you can enter your contact and shipping information (note: please understand that my turnaround time for your unique wedding ring is about 6 weeks as every ring is custom made to order. If you are moving during this time, please enter the address that you want it delivered to within that time frame. Also, please please PLEASE double check your shipping address and make sure you put in the CORRECT address!)


Important note on ship date: If you need your ring sooner than the 6 week turnaround time I do offer rush order, which will have your order shipped within 21 days. This is a separate listing that you will need to add to your cart before you checkout! To add rush order, click here.

Once you fill out your contact and shipping information, you will be shown a few different delivery options:


USPS priority mail usually takes about 2-3 business days. USPS Express mail takes about 1-2 business days. International orders take between 3-6 business days.

For customers outside the US:

Due to changes in USPS policy, international packages sent to countries other than Canada can no longer be tracked past the US border. Insurance claims are also not possible. Due to this change and for your protection, international customers outside of Canada will be required to pay for USPS Global Express shipping ($60.95), which in addition to guaranteeing arrival within 3-6 business days (excepting intervention from your country’s customs department), also can be tracked and insured. I wish I could offer a more economical solution, but cheaper options are too risky.

International customers are responsible for all fees associated with shipping to their respective countries. Orders that are shipped to countries outside of the United States may be subject to import taxes, customs duties and fees levied by the destination country. The recipient of an international shipment may be subject to such import taxes, customs duties and fees, which are levied once a shipment reaches your country. Additional charges for customs clearance must be borne by the recipient; I have no control over these charges and cannot predict what they might be. Customs policies vary widely from country to country; you should contact your local customs office for further information. When customs clearance procedures are required, it can cause delays beyond the original delivery estimates. It is against the law and I will not mark an item as a “gift” to avoid any fees.


Step 9: Sit tight, your ring is on its way!

Now that you’ve placed your order for your wooden ring, sit back and relax! Soon you will receive an automated confirmation email, letting you know that I’ve received your order and have noted any customizations. Your order will be shipping within 6 weeks for a regular order, and 21 days for a rush order. Be patient! In practice, I typically ship 1-2 weeks early, but it is not something I can always guarantee. When your order is ready for shipment, you will receive an email with a USPS tracking number and pictures of your unique wedding ring! Please do not send me emails at the one week, two week, or three week mark for updates! I understand you’re excited about your ring, but please understand that I am a one man show, and taking time to answer your emails for an update request takes time away from the shop, and time away from creating your ring. Should any problems or changes occur during the production process, I will email you immediately and let you know.

Thank you for your order!