USS North Carolina Deck Teak Channel Lined with Cobalt Ring

USS North Carolina Deck Teak Channel Lined with Cobalt Ring


The outer wood portion of this cobalt ring is USS North Carolina Deck Teak, a piece of World War II history to wear on the finger.

Current ship date for this custom USS North Carolina Deck Teak Lined with Cobalt Ring is 5-6 weeks.

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It is my distinct pleasure to offer a ring made with a genuine piece of World War II history. The USS North Carolina (BB-55) participated in every US naval engagement during WWII, collecting 15 battle stars and thus becoming the most highly decorated American battleship of that war. 

The provenance of the wood is fascinating. Following her decommissioning, the USS North Carolina became a memorial and museum ship in Wilmington, NC. Following a visit from Myanmarese officials, the museum was gifted a large portion of the high quality teak needed to rebuild her decking. Teak of the quality used in a battleship is very difficult to acquire and very expensive - the USS North Carolina required over an acre of material. The material is now available to the public, including the local branch of a very well-known woodworking company, where I got my stock. A certificate of authenticity WILL NOT BE INCLUDED with your ring. The material is sold in chunks along with a single certificate. Because I can make multiple rings with a single chunk, I will not be able to offer the certificate with your order.

This would be the perfect ring for a naval enthusiast, World War II history fan, or anyone who would enjoy a ring with maritime connections. 

The inner portion of this ring is made of Cobalt - the most scratch resistant and shatterproof material I offer. Like titanium it is hypoallergenic and biocompatible. However, in many circumstances under which your Titanium ring might scratch, Cobalt will not. It is an alloy that is identical to Platinum in color, but it is an order of magnitude stronger. Cobalt offers nearly the scratch resistance of Tungsten Carbide, but unlike Tungsten, Cobalt will not shatter if dropped.

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I highly recommend going to a jewelry counter to determine your size, even if you believe you already know your size. "Do it yourself" ring sizing methods (string, etc.) should absolutely not be trusted. Be sure to be measured using the width you plan to order.

The minimum width for this style is 5mm. The maximum is 8mm.
Recommended width is calculated in this way: Size 5 is 5mm wide. Width increases .5mm per size above that. So:

Size 5- 5mm
Size 6- 5.5mm
Size 7- 6mm
Size 8- 6.5mm
Size 9- 7mm
Size 10- 7.5mm
Size 11+ - 8mm

These rings will have 1mm flanks of cobalt to either side of the wood.

************************************ IMPORTANT INFO ****************************************


Cobalt interior wood rings cannot be resized at all! Every ring is made to the exact size provided. An error in sizing will necessitate a completely new ring. Refunds and exchanges will not be possible.

Please click on the "Policies" link (under Shop Info) to see wood ring care instructions and FAQ.

Each ring is given multiple coats of a hybrid epoxy finish, which is completely water-proof and soap proof. This protective coating is sanded up to 12,000 grit for an unbelievable, glass-like finish.


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