Tungsten Carbide Ring with Exhibition Grade Hawaiian Koa Wooden Ring

Tungsten Carbide Ring with Exhibition Grade Hawaiian Koa Wooden Ring


The Hawaiian Koa wood with all of its curl sits inside the extremely durable and hard Tungsten Carbide.

Current ship date for this Tungsten Carbide Ring with Exhibition Grade Hawaiian Koa Wooden Ring is 5-6 weeks.


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This wood ring is the absolute highest grade Koa you will see in a wooden ring. It has a gorgeous deep golden color and unbelievable curl. Koa is known for its "curl," and this is a CURLY piece. It is very difficult to capture in pictures. I was doing some research so that I could describe the effect. I will just quote from a top google result because I cannot improve on this description: 

"Chatoyancy is a property that is usually attributed to certain gems, the cats eye effect or shimmer which gives a sense of depth in the gem. This property can also be used to describe some of the more dramatic pieces of curly, tigerstripe and fiddleback Koa. This figuring gives the wood a three dimensional quality; and depending on from what angle one views the wood, it can take on several completely different characters."*

It is a uniquely Hawaiian wood, and is one of the most prized natural products from the islands. 


The metal is Tungsten Carbide. Not all Tungsten Carbide rings are the same! Tungsten and Carbon are elements that would naturally be a powder. They are combined at very high temperatures with binders to make an incredibly dense, nearly indestructible metal. The choice and quality of these extra elements are what sets this top quality, American made ring apart from its mass-produced-in-China counterparts. While it is possible to shatter a WedgeWood Tungsten Ring, it is not easy.

The finish is permanent and will never corrode. The color is a rugged, dark gray. 


I highly recommend going to a jewelry counter to determine your size, even if you already know your size. "Do it yourself" ring sizing methods (string, etc.) should absolutely not be trusted. Be sure to be measured using the width you plan to order. 


This design is available in 8mm or 6mm width only!

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