Cobalt and Beetle Kill Pine wooden ring


This Cobalt Wooden Ring is SOLD

Beetle kill pine is fascinating stuff, unless, I suppose, you live in a heavily affected area..... The proliferation of the Mountain Pine beetle has resulted in the loss of millions of acres of pine forest.  While typically beetle infestation affects only old, weak trees, in recent years even healthy young pines have been destroyed by the epidemic.  The blue staining is the remnant of a certain fungus carried by the beetle.  The coloration does not affect the strength of the wooden ring, and it is therefore fairly sought after.  
The outer portion of this ring is made of Cobalt - the most scratch resistant and shatterproof material I offer. Like titanium it is hypoallergenic and biocompatible. However, in many circumstances under which your Titanium ring might scratch, Cobalt will not. It is an alloy that is identical to Platinum in color, but it is an order of magnitude stronger. Cobalt wooden rings offer nearly the scratch resistance of Tungsten Carbide, but unlike Tungsten, Cobalt wood rings will not shatter if dropped. 
Why is this wooden ring not in regular production?  First, pine is fairly soft stuff and I prefer to work with hardwoods for convenience.  Second, isolating a nice piece with a knot as in this ring is time consuming.
This wood ring is 
Size 9


Steven Wyatt