Black Zirconium and Spalted Maple Wood Ring / by Steven Wyatt

This Black Zirconium Wooden Ring is SOLD

Because spalted material is quite delicate before finish is applied, this is one of the more challenging wooden rings to produce. The uniquely beautiful results (a beauty that develops as I actually make the ring, which is always an exciting process) are worth the effort. This is an upgraded version of what used to be my most popular ring (spalted maple/ ebony).
The metal in this listing is Black Zirconium-- Zirconium that is heat treated until it attains a very hard, durable black coating. The naturally silver colored metal is placed in a kiln at very high temperatures until the extreme heat causes oxidization. The oxidization layer is as hard as sapphire. Just for full disclosure - the ring really is a very dark grey. I just don't want anyone to be disappointed.
Why is this wood ring not in regular production?  Isolating a piece of wood with this quality of spalt is very time consuming, and the material is hard to come by.