Black Zirconium and Kingwood Burl Wood Ring / by Steven Wyatt

This Rosewood Wood Ring is SOLD

The wood in this ring is Brazilian Kingwood, so named for its popularity and use among French royalty, is a true rosewood, like cocobolo, blackwood, and tulipwood. It is used extensively in fine furniture and expensive turnings. The stock I use in my rings is gorgeous, with an almost gem-like depth. It has a reddish, violet hue.  It makes for a strong wood ring. 
The metal in this listing is Black Zirconium-- Zirconium that is heat treated until it attains a very hard, durable black coating. The naturally silver colored metal is placed in a kiln at very high temperatures until the extreme heat causes oxidization. The oxidization layer is as hard as sapphire. Just for full disclosure - the metal portion of this wood ring really is a very dark grey. I just don't want anyone to be disappointed.
Why is this wood ring not in regular production?  Kingwood burl is impossible to acquire.  No, really. I invite you to try.  The only way to get it is to buy kingwood and be lucky enough to accidentally find a pocket of burl figure.  I have no more of this material.  
This wood ring is
Size 9.5
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