About Firefly Rings

Firefly Rings (www.fireflyrings.com) is the partner company to WedgeWood Rings and supplies all-metal ring options.  Founded primarily to cater to customers who want to supplement their wood ring with an all-metal ring, Firefly Rings has found success simply by offering products made with the same, top-quality materials found in major jewelry stores at a fraction of the price.  I am able to do this for two reasons: WedgeWood Rings establishes productive relationships with major jewelers and access to wholesale pricing; second, WedgeWood Rings is my primary business.  

Firefly Rings is based along with WedgeWood Rings in "Firefly," Wisconsin.

Firefly Rings ARE

  • Made to order - specifically for you
  • Made in the USA
  • Made with high quality, durable alloys
  • Come with a Lifetime Warranty

Firefly Rings are NOT

  • Made in China by the 10,000
  • Made using the cheapest, easiest techniques and materials
  • Shamelessly marked up in price